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What impact might your personal social media site have on your work?

In this day and age, almost everyone has social media and posts everything and anything on their profile page, whether it be talking about work, relationships, recent events, and every other thing going on in their life. The problem about this is if you you aren’t careful about what you post then you may be disclosing things that you shouldn’t be doing over social media.

[1] According to a Forbes article, “social media is evidence and discoverable. Depending on the situation, your opinions can either hurt and help your court case”. Now as a forensic examiner who is testifying in court, your credibility can be damaged if your social media is brought up as evidence to discredit you or others. On another note, as a forensic examiner, you could also investigate the social media of the suspect in question and find things he has posted to use against him in court. [1] It is important as a forensic examiner to ensure your own social media is free of things that could possibly discredit you and to ensure your social media is more secure.

[1] Another thing to note, when your social media is brought up as evidence in a trial, ensure you do not delete your social media since this can be seen as the destruction of relevant evidence.

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