rehab center

In a 4-5 page paper


You are working in a rehab center for teenagers. They tell you that drugs get them through the day because school is boring, their families are dysfunctional, and that they use them because their friends pressure them. Some tell you that their parent’s, aunts and uncles gave them their first exposure to marijuana, cocaine and meth. Yet others say they just like how some drugs calm them down and others speed them up.

Assignment Guidelines


  • Address the following in 4–5 pages:
    • What are four common reasons why people begin to use mood altering substances? Explain.
      • Briefly describe and summarize the four selected reasons.
    • With regard to your selected reasons, answer the following questions:
      • Once started, why do people continue to use mood altering substances? Explain in detail.
    • What are recreational drugs? Explain.
    • Since teens are most at risk for recreational drug use, what can be done to divert them away from recreational drug use? Explain.
      • What does current research suggest with regard to persuading teens to not partake in drug use?
    • Are the reasons for teen drug use and abuse different than those of adults? Explain.


In 5-7 paragraphs

A 13 year old boy living in urban poverty with his mother and six younger siblings is currently getting in trouble at school. He has never been in trouble before. But the teacher’s say he is becoming belligerent toward authority figures, sloppy in his schoolwork and ignoring friends he has had since kindergarten. He also is beginning to come to school with eyes glassy, bloodshot, half shut, a grin on his face and loads of snacks. He used to be athletic but now he sits around and does not appeared motivated to complete normal tasks he enjoyed last year. His mother has found small amounts of marijuana in the pockets of his jeans.

Assignment Guidelines


  • In 5–7 paragraphs, address the following:
    • What do you think might be motivating this 13 year old boy to use marijuana? Provide two different possible reasons.
      • Would the reasons influence the type of drug he may be using? Explain.
    • How do you feel about illegal recreational drug use? Explain.
    • How do you feel about legal recreational drug use, such as alcohol or tobacco? Explain.
    • Do you think abuse of legal drugs is as dangerous as abuse of illegal drugs? Why or why not?
    • Are there any valid reasons for recreational drug use? Why or why not?




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