Reflective Practice Paper Academic Essay

This need to be Reflective Practice Paper not reaction paper

Reflection on practice is an essential component to the development of a registered professional nurse. For this paper, you will select a significant patient experience from your clinical experience on which to reflect. A significant patient experience is one which challenged you in some way. Visit for examples of reflective practice narratives.

Write a 500 word paper, reflecting on your experience. Include the following elements (adopted from Gibbs,1988):
•Description – What happened?
•Feelings – What were you feeling and thinking?
•Evaluation – What was good and bad about the experience?
•Analysis – What sense can you make of the situation?
•Conclusion – What else could you have done?
•Action Plan – If it arose again, what would you do?

Paper should be prepared with double spaced lines, normal (1”) margins on all sides and 12 size font. Follow American Psychological Association (APA) formatting (abstract is NOT required).

Please come up with something related to this patient:

I took care of a 95 year old male patient who had a G tube and I needed to administer meds via G tube for the 1st time. I was doing that being closely watched by my clinical instructor and observed by 2 more nurse students. The tablets did not want to dissolve completely and extra stress to remember the steps and I was doing this for the 1st time

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