Reflective journal

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tell us what you learned about yourself and your organization. Please specify your scores from the assessments. Depending on which assessments you took here are some reflection questions:

Ch. 1– Management–Discuss what you have learned so far regarding management? What are the significant things that you learned about yourself from the assessment? Are you a potential leader? Are you a potential entrepreneur?

Ch. 2–Theory X&Y–Which managerial style do you prefer? How do you see this practiced within your role as a student or as an employee? Could your style assist you in any way or be a detriment at some point?

Ch. 2–Learning Organization–Do you work for a learning organization? What practices does the organization encourage that creates a good learning environment? How do you think the managers create this learning environment and what can you do as an employee to foster this culture?

Overall, how can these lessons be used in your daily life? What will you begin to work on this semester to improve your managerial skills?

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