reflection writing 6

This assignment provides a final opportunity for you to synthesize

and share your thoughts about the class. It is a chance to reflect back

on the course content and on your learning in this class and to discuss

your “Top 3 Takeaways” from the course. These takeaways should be

related to topics/concepts covered in the textbook. Explain why you

chose each concept, how you have utilized it in your own life, and/or

how you think it will help you in the future.

Just to clarify. I am looking for 4 specific topics and concepts you may have learned. I am not interested in hearing how challenging the course was or how it helped with your time management, how you learned that you don’t want to be an accountant, etc…. I want to know that you learned something specific about accounting, how it works, and/or how it can be applied in business. Think back to actual things you learned that were discussed during the course or in the book and expand upon how you will use them again in the future.”

It should be by simple english vocabulary, and it should be based on the files that I attached

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