Reflection Protfolio

Reflection Protfolio


New South Wales (NSW ) Health and private employers promote values and value statements pertinent to their organisation. Whether we agree with them or not, when we work within that organisation, we need to ensure our personal values will not be compromised by our employer.

a.Consider your personal values espoused in your collage (from week 12, it means what are your personal values).

b.Reflect on these values and analyse how they sit within the values advocated by NSW Health.

c. How do the values set out by NSW Health impact and influence teams within healthcare?

d. How can leaders within health live these values and make them meaningful to teams and patients?

e. Considering these things, what do you need to do to prepare yourself for practice next year?

References : 20
Resources: from (2003-2013) only

Refer to marking guide

Marking Criteria:

1. Analyses personal collage and links personal values to NSW Health values


2. Analyses influence of values on teams ? espoused and real


3. Demonstrates how values can be lived in teams effectively by leaders


4. Considers the impact and influence of values on patients and on patient care

5. Discusses personal preparation required for professional practice

Adheres to university requirements with regard to presentation, referencing and word
a. Assignment logically developed and clearly constructed,

Introduction, body of work, conclusion, Adheres to the word limit
b. Evidence of linkage and integration of information
c. Appropriate use of academic language, Assignment is easy to read, It catches the reader?s attention and promotes the conveying of information
d. Objective and authentic writing style


e. Syntax, grammar, punctuation and spelling are correct Legible presentation (5 marks)

f. Integrated use of references, referencing as per university guideline (5 marks)

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