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Reflection Paper.1

Paper details:

Directions for reflection paper: Choose a topic related spirituality in health care discussed by one or more of the authors we have read so far (Koenig, Wells, Taylor, or Sulmasy). Your readings should guide your in writing a two-paged reflection paper (double spaced, 12 pt.) related to your emerging vision of your spiritual calling within health care practice.

Guidelines for the papers are:

Students should make specific references in this paper (using quotations or paraphrasing of your author’s ideas) to one or more perspectives on a particular issue discussed by your selected author. Include also a brief summary of the broader religious worldview or biblical focus that informs the author’s position. You may also want to comment on what aspects of your author’s perspective(s) or world view you agree with and disagree with. Remember that you may include reflections on your own personal experiences in your paper.

Examples of a possible topic include issues like (choose one or create one of your own):

What does it mean to be a “wounded healer” or a “Good Samaritan” as a health care team member?

What practices, guidelines and boundaries do you see as essential to providing compassionate, effective, and skillful whole person care as a health care professional?

What role does active engagement with the patient’s story play in your vision of whole person, or patient-centered care? What is required of the health care professional to engage with the spiritual dimensions of a person’s story?

How do you envision your future role in aIDressing spiritual needs of patients in collaboration with a coordinated care team?

Note: in these reflections, you may also incorporate reflections on in-class, or on-line videos, or guest presentations, along with reflections on your own life experiences.

Your paper will be worth 50 points each, so please plan to show what you have learned in this course in your final draft. After you submit it, you may be asked to present it to peers for feedback

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