Reference Letter for Graduate Admission Academic Essay

I need to write a draft for a reference for myself from the director of the Charlotte County Health Department.
I worked at the Charlotte County Health Department for a year. I was hired as a Registered Nurse for the development and execution of a program to improve the health outcomes for at risk pregnant women and their children. I had to build the program from the ground up. from developing a risk assessment tool, an effective charting system that would also track the outcomes of the program. Due to being the only Nurse in the program and the limited resources in Charlotte County I had to work closely and build relationships with community partners to develop the program and to run the effectively. Every aspect of the work challenged me, and gave me the opportunity to learn and develop my professional skills, gain valuable experience in public health, and improve my leadership skills.
Here is a link with the description of the program I developed.

I want the reference letter to show my passion for public health and also show the contribution I made in Charlotte County and emphasize positive qualities that would make me a good candidate for the Master in Public Health Program and then to later serve as a Environmental Health Officer in the Navy.
The reference will go to my boss for review and then to both my graduate application for a Masters in Public Health in Environmental health and to a scholarship program in the Navy to be able to serve as and Environmental Health Officer in the Navy after graduation from the Masters program.
I have also attached my resume.
thank you please contact m

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