Reduction Mammoplasty

Reduction Mammoplasty

Give a detail description of the surgical procedure stressing the reason for the surgery, pertinent preoperative preparation, equipment necessary for the surgery instrumentation, table set-up, positioning, anesthesia used during surgery and why, and draping.

The term paper should be related what you have learned and done while first scrubbing this procedure.

The term paper must be typed; double spaced, and must be between 10-15 pages. An aIDitional 2-3 pages of pictures, graphs, or diagrams may be included. The student will utilize the APA guidelines for the paper. Peer-reviewed and professional sources should be used to obtain aIDitional information.
The paper should include the following:
1- Table contents
2- Brief history and description for reasons for procedure.
3- Diagnostic studies related to this procedure
4- Surgical procedure- step by step
5- Prognosis
6- Works cited page
give an oral presentation of my term paper to the class. I do need first draft before, in order to prepare for my presentation.

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