Read John Paul II encyclical and summarize in 8-10 sentences.

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First reread John Paul II encyclical. Here is the link:…

4. Next summarize ideas expressed about dignity and work. Do not summarize the entire encyclical: only ideas about dignity and work in many aspects (immigration, Unions, Subjectivity, etc.)

5. Include a title.

6. Include a first sentence which includes the name of the article, the author, and the point being summarized; for example

In his encyclical “Laborem Exercens,” Pope John Paul II asserts the purpose of work must be first and foremost to promote human dignity.

7. Your summary should be 8 to 10 sentences, should be in your own words with just one brief quotation.

8. According to MLA style, cite the source after the quotation and at the end: Preview MLA Style

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