read 3 of the following articles then answer the following questions

Please read the following and then answer the questions at the bottom

a. The Nestle case

B. The Youngest Market: Baby Food Peddlers Undermine Breastfeeding

C. AIDs Information

1. Read Nestles defense for selling baby formula. What additional information could Nestle provide to support the arguments that they make in the defense.

2. Provide a summary of the main points in the reading.” The Youngest Market: Baby Food Peddlers Undermine Breastfeed”. At the end of your summary, indicate whether you feel that Nestle and the other baby food sellers are ethically right in terms of what they are doing? Does this article support what Nestle indicates that it is doing in the case. (20 points)

3. After reading all the, material provided, what do you think nestle can do better to support better infant health Worldwide. Please justify your answer

4. If you were the President of Nestle, and you were considering a decision to stop selling baby formula/infant food what would be the pros and cons of this decision.

REMEMBER to link these three articles together when you answer the question #3, and #4.

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