Reaction paper

Write a two to three page typed response to one reading (chapter) that is thoughtful, original, and contains references to the assigned reading. These reaction papers must be turned in by the beginning of class in order to receive credit. The summary should aIDress (1) the author’s major points in the student’s own words with no quotations; (2) the applicability of the reading to social work interventions; and (3) the student’s reaction and views on the reading. These reaction papers will be graded for thoroughness, evidence that the student comprehended the reading, and thoughtfulness of the student’s views, reactions, and ideas about applicability to practice.

Choose any chapter from the list:
Ch. 9, Nathan, S. G. When do we say a woman’s sexuality is dysfunctional? (pp.143-158); Ch. 10, Basson, R. Women’s difficulties with low sexual desire and sexual avoidance (pp.159-180); Ch. 12 Bergeron, S., Meana, M., Binik, Y., & Khalife, S., Painful sex (pp.193-214). Ch. 14, Polonsky, D. The sexual challenges and dilemmas of young single men (pp.231-250); Ch. 15, Althof, S.E., & Rosen, R. C., Combining medical & psychological interventions for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (pp.251-266). In Levine, S. B., Risen, C. B., Althof, S. E., (2010). Handbook of clinical sexuality for mental health professionals. NY: Routledge.

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