Reaction Times

Lab Report 1
Researchers were interesting in whether using hands free mobile phones contributed to road accidents?.

To answer this question in a laboratory, they tested people’s reaction times while having a conversation via a hands free mobile phone and while silent.  Participants had to respond to the appearance of another car in a driving simulation computer game by pressing the space bar.  They used a within-participants design, so everyone took part in both conditions.  In each condition, participants had to respond to ten trials (i.e., the appearance of ten cars on the screen).  The computer program was set up so that there was a gap of 10 to 20 seconds between the appearances of each car. Participants were undergraduate and postgraduate students from a British university, age and sex were the only demographic variables recorded (see below).
Reaction times were measured in milliseconds. The mean reaction time for each of the 10 trials is shown in the data below.
Using the following data, choose the appropriate statistic to test whether there is a significant difference in reaction time between the two conditions.
Write up your findings as a standard format research report.  It should be no more than ten pages long (excluding references) and should contain the following sections: title, abstract, introduction, method (participants, materials, design, procedure), results, discussion, references.  Use standard margins and 12 point Times New Roman or Arial type.
Statistics you will need to use for the lab is within-participants t-test and Pearson’s r respectively. ………………….



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