Rationing Health Care history homework help


Create a 1 page essay in APA Format. Use 2-3 sources as references. Be sure to include in-text citations. Answer the following questions and incorporate them in the essay.

1. How much health care is practicable and doable right now? 2. How far can a regional health system go without going broke?

Special Instructions: Continue to answer the following questions.

Consider the consequences of an inadequate system as described by the author, Post. 3. Is there any choice, but to accept a certain amount of disease and death, due to health care system capacity issues? 4. Do we tolerate unnecessary death?

The board members have been arguing vigorously about this issue. View the Board of Directors Meeting transcript which will be linked in the drop box files below. Be sure to incorporate the opinions of the Board of Directors into the essay.

Additional Instructions:

5. What is your assessment of health system possibilities in terms of scale and range for the area you have studied? Think about that area and the nation as a whole, and answer this question: 6. How much health care is possible right now?

An assigned source to use: Post, C. J. (1992). Omaha Orange : A Popular History of EMS in America. Boston: Jones & Bartlett Learning. pp. (5-14).

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