randomized controlled trial Academic Essay

critical literature review of 3 randomized controlled trial articles

Research question
needs to be written in Australian English
The problem identified and research question formulated by using PICO
model, (Hoffman et al 2013 question is follows)
in long term haemodialysis patients, button hole technique or rope laIDer technique is the best method of cannulation?
P (Population ) – Long term Haemodialysis Patient
I (Intervention) – Rope laIDer cannulation technique
C (compare/control)-button hole technique
O (outcome) – Minimise infection and increase patient comfort
Describing 3500 words
The following is an outline of what your paper should look like:
•Identify the problem and the question by using the PICO structure
•Briefly outline your search strategy
•Now using an appraisal tool (you can use the one we have used in the unit) appraise each article
•Do not separate them out and appraise each one on their own.
•As you go through the points on the appraisal tool apply it to each article so you can compare and contrast the information.
•This is where you can bring in other references to support your points within the review (or maybe they don’t give support)
•Make a recommendation in relation to the question the authors of the article have made.
•Finish the assignment with a Conclusion
•Ensure as you do the essay that you are not only looking at what you are asked to do but you are simultaneously looking at the marking criteria to ensure you cover all the areas.

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