Race and Ethnic Relations

1) PLease discuss some of the first person contemporary stories of racial injustice as experienced by black men from all walks of life from all over the country in the book Twelve Angry Men by lanny gyinier, Do you think the book Twelve Angry Men helps people better understand the experiences of black men in the United States- if yes why; if not why not.
2) Please discuss the analysis put fourth on immigration law, health and education by Lisa (Leigh) Patel in her book Youth Held At The Border: Immigration, Education, and the Politics of Inclusion.Discuss in detail some of the ways Patel suggests immigration reform can happen.
Finally, what are some of the assumptions about immigrant youth that Pate invites readers to rethink?
3) Please discuss the perspective put forth in the film by Tim Wise- On White Privilege. Discuss in detail whether you agree or disagree with the analysis put forth by Wise.
4) Can you identify elements of privilege in your own life? How have these elements of privilege affected your relationships with others?
5) What do you think that you can do to make a difference around the issues of racism, sexism, homophobia etc. Finally, after watching films, listening to lecture and class discussions have any of your views been affected with regard to the issues raised in class- if yes- why? if not why not?
6) Please discuss the reflection that book place for Pumla Gobodo- Madikizela after her interviews with Eugene de Kock. Discuss her internal impulses to hold him accountable and to forgive. Please discuss in detail your reaction to Pumla Gobodo- Madikizela’s actions.

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