questions about quot turf managment golf quot each question only needs at least 55 words 1

Each question only needs at least 55 words.

1. Module 2: What might happen if we put a cool season plant to a well-conditioned room in hot season?

2. Module 2: How do you think that we can take advantage of cool season turfgrasses here in Columbus Ohio? or module 02: why the Fine fescues can not be used on golf courses in the United States except in specific locations like along the northwestern and northeastern areas of the United States along the Pacific and Atlantic oceans? (Choose one of them)

3. Module 3: How did cross make hybrid bermudagrass a good choice of warm season turfgrass?

4.Module 3: Is there any way to place warm turfgrass in cold areas?

5.Module 4: What characteristics that soil need to have in order to set up the better golf course?

6.Module 4: What classifies something as a turfgrass?

7.Module 5: What’s the best height of cut set on a reel mower?

8. Module 5: What is the purpose of a solid roller if it just “floats over the turf”?

9. Module 6: Can you describe a slow release nitrogen source?

10. Module 6: Which nutrient is most important for grass and why it is crucial for grass?

11. Module 7: What percentage of water used on golf courses in Ohio are from lakes/ponds?

12. Module 7: Is Irrigation good with salt water?

13. Module 8: Why is topdressing very important in regards to maintaining healthy turf grass? Topdressing is when one applies a thin layer of material over turfgrass. Why is it very important to topdress turfgrass and what benefits does topdressing provide?

14. Module 8: What are the main benefits of introducing sand into the soil profile, whether through coring and filling, or topdressing?

15. Module9: Why could people’s shoes become orange after walking on a golf course?

16. Module 9: What are some typical diseases in the golf course in Ohio?

17. Module 10: What weather would crabgrass like the most? What weather would crabgrass like the most?

18. module 10- what is the relationship between the soil temperature and crabgrass germination? How the two term related with each other?

19. Module 11: Arguably, are surface or subsurface insects more harmful to turf?

20.Module 1: Which Turfgrass is best for Golf Course in Ohio?

21. Module 1: Is there a difference between the structure of a turf grass and the structure of other plants?

In the interactive portion of the module, the different aspects of the turf grass plant and its purposes. Are these structures and purposes the same as other plants such as flowers and weeds?

22.module 11- what would you do for avoiding the insect laying the egg in the turf grass?

What would you do for avoiding the situation? Use some pesticide or better solution?

23. Module 12- How the Edward Stimpson contribute to the Golf management?

What instrument have he invented for management the turf grass ?


Module 12: Which is the most complicated part of setting up the golf course in your opinion and why?

This can be based on which takes the most staff members to set up or which is the most difficult.

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