Public Health Leadership for Health and social Care

Msc Public Health Leadership for Health and social Care
Order Description
Topic Should be United Kingdom based thats a main criteria
Topics are one of the below
1. Child Obesity In UK
2.smoking and the use of tobacco in UK
3.Teenage Pregnancy in Uk
The use of social media in a crisis situation
Order Description
Imagine you are an assistant manager of an organisation and suddenly you
are faced with a critical situation: a man enters your premises with a
weapon. As your boss is away on vacation you are the acting manager on
duty and are responsible for responding to the situation. While this is
unfolding a young intern of yours tweets your boss declaring- OMG there
is a man with a gun!
Critically analyse the use of social media as a communication medium in a
crisis situation. Should social media be included in a business
communication plan? In what ways can social media be used in a positive
and negative way in a crisis situation?
Assignments are to be typed with 1.5 line spacing and Arial 12 font. Any
references or content in the appendix will not be counted towards the word
limit of 2000.

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