psyc article analysis

Read the article above, The Pursuit of Happiness, and submit a minimum 70 word answer in standard Written English for each question below.

  • File Grading Rubric for Essay Article Assignment (441.04 KB)
  • File Happiness of Pursuit Article (6.202 MB)
  • Identify three research method(s) used to accumulate the data which served as the basis for this article. Name one strength and weakness associated with each method. You will likely need to write more than 65 words to answer this question. Submissions will be checked for plagiarism so please submit your own original work.

    Question 2 – Visual and Quantitative Analysis

    Draw three conclusions that can be deduced from the infographs, bar graphs or pie charts presented in this article. Use the information to make a prediction (inference) about the future. Support your prediction with reasons and details.

    Question 3 – Written Communication Skills

    In the study done by Lieberman and Morelli, what were the physiological and psychological processes involved in their study of empathy. Elaborate fully on the physiological and psychological processes by providing ample description and details.

    Question 4 – Social Responsibility –

    In the quote by Morelli, “Being distracted reduces our empathy for others and blunts responses in the brain,” what are three implications of this quote for civic engagement?

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