primary source analysis essays due in class 4 5 pages

Discussion: The End of History (!)(?)

**Reading: Fukuyama, “The End of History and the Last Man”

Reading Question: What does Fukuyama mean by the end of history? Are we there? What remains of the modernist project to remake the world? The four major modernist ideologies? Where do we go from here?

***Primary Source Analysis, Essays, due in class***

2. Primary Source Analysis:Essays (due in class: 4-5 pages)

This assignment asks you to historically contextualize three essays from the era of late socialism.This will require you to place the films in dialogue with one another, analyze how they are asking similar questions (if coming to different answers), and articulating their theses.Your analysis should make use of the Hobsbawm text (and potentially additional texts) in order to situate the essays, and their themes, historically.

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