Postpartum maternal depression reflecting research paper

Postpartum maternal depression: The impact on early postnatal attachment.
A local agency supporting teen mothers in an urban, low socioeconomic status (SES) area requests a presentation for its support staff on postpartum maternal depression. Specifically, the group is interested in knowing more about how postpartum maternal depression impacts early postnatal attachment. Additionally, the group is interested in any intervention or prevention suggestions that are empirically supported specifically for their population.

Your assessment has two parts:

Part 1: Written Paper Reflecting Research

Identify the scenario you have chosen and then develop a 5–7-page paper on your selected topic, supporting your ideas with current research that fully explores the topic.


An examination of how the specific issue impacts cognitive social, emotional, or physical development in early childhood and beyond.
An analysis of major theories or recent research related to a selected topic that considers the influence of biology and the environment, health, education, and culture on development.
An application of child development theory and research in recommending appropriate responses or interventions to children’s evolving needs in specific contexts, that is, school, home, and community.
This paper will provide the basis for you to explain the impact of the issue on the infant, family, and society as a whole. The paper should have APA structure, formatting, and referencing.

Postpartum maternal depression reflecting research paper

Part 2: Presentation Speaker’s Notes

Drawing on your research in Part 1,

prepare two pages of speaker’s notes for the presentation directed at parents and also other professionals in which you:

Describe the topic of the presentation and its significance to the audience.
Analyze the impact of the issue on the infant, family, and society as a whole.
Recommend best practices for the health of newborns or infants.

Write out the presentation on two double-spaced pages. You do not need APA in-text referencing, but you can refer to important scholarly sources that support your ideas. Remember to consider the level of understanding the audience may have on the topic so that you avoid jargon or provide clarification. This presentation needs to have objective support, but, as a presentation, it can be in more informal, first-person language.


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