Populations – Assessing Needs

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A. Diversity
Discuss characteristics and aspects of diversity that could exist within populations of a rural community that do not exist in populations of an urban community? Consider demographics/characteristics of the population and available resources for health care. Please select a specific rural community to assess and include demographics, characteristics, health care needs, and resources within that community.
10 Points

B. Emerging Technologies
Change is a challenge for communities as well as organizations. Analyze current and emerging technologies in health care experienced by populations in an urban community intended to support safety, efficiency in costs and or health outcomes. Identify one change in emerging technologies that has had an impact on healthcare. Example: HIT, Tele-Medicine, Robotics, Genomics, etc. This is an application exercise. Exemplar(s) are required. with resources that clearly articulate the value of the emerging technology. Use your knowledge of changes you have experienced, witnessed or researched through current literature. Reflect your thoughts. Discuss cost vs benefit to the community or patient population.

40 points

C. Needs Assessment and Strategic Planning
Assess needs of a rural population – either a community which you are familiar or a community you have researched. Identify a factor associated with socio/economic-cultural aspects that impact health and wellness. Recommend a strategic intervention that could be implemented by a nurse leader in a health care organization to improve health outcomes of the population. Be specific in identifying what can be initiated by a nursing leader or administrator.
40 Points

* Organization of Paper

Consistency in accordance to APA & Administrative Report Guidelines
Correct spelling, grammar, syntax. Include – Title Page; Intro. statement(s), headings, closing statement(s) and references (5 minimum). Word count: 500 – 1000. Synthesize information from resources, present information in your own words. Use direct quotes sparingly and only if there is power in a particular author’s words. In general direct quotes are not allowed in graduate work. However, as a nurse administrator, there are times you may need the power offered by an expert’s comment.

10 Points.

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