poetry reflection

I need help with a Literature question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

Read the following quote and write a reflection (300 words minimum). See attachment for instruction and sample.

My father keeps a light on by our bed

and readies for our journey.

He mends ten holes in the knees

of five pairs of boy’s pants.

His love for me is like his sewing:

various colors and too much thread,

the stitching uneven. But the needle pierces

clean through with each stroke of his hand.

(Li-Young Lee, “This Hour and What is Dead”, Stanza 4)


A quote reflection should be a close reading of your selected quotation. What literary devices does the writer use? Are there repeated words or sounds? What do you notice if you read the quotation aloud? How do these details affect your reading of the broader text? As you start to notice patterns, ask what they are doing. Even a short quotation can provide a jumping off point for a more complex reading of your text.

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