please follow the requirement bellow

I don’t know how to handle this Business question and need guidance.

1) Watch the following two videos:

2) Then post on discussion forum by Wednesday 1/22, reply to two of your classmates by Friday 1/24.

3) 1st Draft of Linked In assignments are due. To get credit, complete the following (by the assignment due date noted on syllabus documents):

3a–Create your Linked In profile

3b–Connect with me via Linked In invitation

4) Linked In assignment (must complete by Friday 1/24:

4a–connect with your team members via Linked In

4b–review your team members Linked In profile and offer each of them some critique and feedback

4c–utilize the feedback from your team members to improve your Linked In profile

English is my second language plz make sure u write with this style.

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