please develop 300 words for each question with the references

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BUS 720 Marketing Strategy and consumer behaviour

1, Do you believe Americans’ concern for the environment is a stronger value than their materialism? What ethical issues do you see relating to green marketing?

Provide with some real-life examples. Provide your explanations and definitions in detail and be precise. Comment on your findings. Provide references for content when necessary. Provide your work in detail and explain in your own words. Support your statements with peer-reviewed in-text citation(s) and reference(s).

2, BUS 715 Global Economics

How does an import quota differ from a tariff? Do you know any differences between Tariff and Tax? Please explain in details types of taxes and tariffs. Can the government ever capture the tariffs or/and taxes? If so, how? Provide with real examples from your country of origin.

All discussion responses including opinion must be supported with logical reasoning and deduction using examples and source material including the textbook and supplementary sources. All sources must be cited to justify your response in the text and matched in the reference list in APA style.

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