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Ratios and Account Chapter 17 Understanding Balance Sheet and Income Statement. 2 pages in-text citation and citation pages. Calculate two important ratios 1) Debt to owner’s equity ration and 2) Return on sales of the Very Vegan Restaurant that would help you determine if you would invest in their business if they decided to become an S corporation. Based on the numbers of two ratios, describe the pro’s and cons of investing in this company.

1 page : Two paragraph to analyze each of ratios.

Text book

Some support material please see the attached.

Please must be following this instruction below:

1. Please use concepts from the text book and ideas.

2. Proof or evidence: data – data and it must have in-text citations…next to it.. that data was developed by someone else and you must give that person credit for it.

3. Please don’t use wiki’s or anonymous. The assignments is asking to use have lots of data available.

4. Please don’t give the theory alone.. it needs data-examples proof evidence….next to it

5. Please use paraphrase way to cite the citation, and remember to list the page numbers or paragraph numbers !!!

6. please use at least 3 resources or more… cannot use less

PS: If you have any question, please feel free to text me in any time.

25 Points-Outside Research that adds or augments the material in the textbook (please do not use wikis)

25 Points-Using 3-4 concepts from the chapter discussed

25 Points-Directly addressed the questions to be answered

25- Meets the paragraph and sentence length requirement

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