organization directly support its Vision and Mission.

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hen review your organization’s statement of strategy and document it in your essay. Write a response to the following questions and provide evidence to support your answers for the third section of your project:

  1. Does the strategy of your organization directly support its Vision and Mission? Should it? Why or why not?
  2. Does the organization as a whole have measurable goals that directly support of the Strategy?
  3. Does each subgroup, and every individual member of the organization have measurable goals in direct support of the overall strategy? If not, should they?
  4. Are subgroup Visions, Missions, Strategies, Tactics, and Goals in direct support of the organizational Vision, Mission, and Strategy? If not, should they?
  5. Is MBO a viable plan for your organization? Why or why not?

Type your 2-4 page response as an APA-style essay an include APA-style references. You do not need to include a title page for this assignment. Grammar, spelling, and quality will influence your grade. The Gangwish Library provides a guide to APA writing and excellent resources.

Note: Go through all the questions and Prepare a 4 page documentation with clear points For Southwest Airlines.

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