One big advantage of being a health professional Show more Nurses Need Physiology

One big advantage of being a health professional Show more Nurses Need Physiology: Homeostasis is Your Friend One big advantage of being a health professional is that the patients body is working with you. The human body monitors and adjusts its own vital functions and variables to ensure that they stay within a narrow set of physiological parameters. This state of dynamic equilibrium is known as homeostasis. Homeostatic feedback mechanisms allow your body to react to a variety of conditions and challenges without you even knowing. There are limits to what the body can do though and at times health professionals need to intervene. If you are alert to cues that indicate the patients body is reacting to something you can catch a problem before it has caused serious damage. Understanding homeostasis can help you identify those moments before an imbalance becomes life-threatening for your patient. Mr. F underwent surgery this morning. After the surgery he was told that he could only eat or drink ice chips for the next several hours. The doctor saw him in the afternoon and cleared him for water and a clear liquid diet. Mr. F immediately ordered an evening meal of broth and gelatin. He ate 150 cc (cubic centimeters or mL) of gelatin and 200 cc of broth. After his meal he maintained a stable blood pressure and appeared to be recovering well. Mr. F presents as a healthy-looking man in his sixties. He seems cheerful but tired. You ask him how he is feeling and he replies Im just glad to have this over with and says he does not need anything except a glass of water. You note that his catheter bag contains about 15 cc `of bright yellow urine. When you go back to the nurses station to update his chart one of the aides getting ready to go home mentions to you how pleasant Mr. F is. The aide recorded giving him 500 cc of water and 150 cc of apple juice; however his catheter bag had only 15 cc of urine after 4 hours. Over the next few hours Mr. F asks for water twice more and you give him a total of 500 cc of water before he falls asleep around 8:00 pm. Now that he is resting you have some time to review his chart. General Feedback Loop Body fluid levels are normally controlled by a negative feedback loop. What is involved in a negative feedback loop? Drag the elements of the feedback loop into the proper positions on the diagram. word bank: integrative center sensor effectors set point Diagram: ______ compares variable to ______ ->_____ adjust variable > ______measures variables > _____ compares variables to ____ Show less

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