On Microbial Pathogen Important To Biosecurity

On Microbial Pathogen Important To Biosecurity

BBS211 Pathogens & Parasites Box Hill Institute 2020




AT2 Assignment Information


Written essay due on the 19th of May (80% of final mark) is the focus of this assignment. However, a short oral presentation is also required (20%). The presentations will be held on the last week of classes (19th of May).

Students should research, prepare (1500 words) and present a case study on microbial pathogen important to biosecurity in a way that produces an in-depth knowledge about a specific issue. This project is to be discussed from the beginning of the semester and presented in the end of the semester. This assignment needs to be reviewed by the teacher throughout the semester to ensure the student is on the correct path.

The term “case study” was broaden to include scientific peer-reviewed articles and detailed reports and documents published by governmental and international agencies. All documents selected have to show enough in-depth detail on the subject. They also must focus on the same contrasting issues that are going to be used as main points of argumentation in the essay.

The essay should not only compare the contrasting points and use relevant literature to argue them, but it should also serve a larger purpose. It can do this by including information to: clear up a common misconception, show that one thing is superior to another, lead to a new way of doing or analysing something, argue a point with supported facts.

The essay should follow a logical structure similar to what is described below. Fail in including all the main parts of the essay will result in deducted marks.

Main structure: – Title and ID – Abstract – Introduction – Body (multiple sections) – How do these cases are so relevant to biosecurity  – Presentation of cases independently – Analysis of major contrasting points and arguments – Point of view on the larger purpose of this assay – Conclusion and futures notes – References



BBS211 Pathogens & Parasites Box Hill Institute 2020




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