O + La Intermediate Accounting Major Assignment Determinants of Ethical Accounting by Accountants ou are required to write a working paper on the e…

Intermediate accounting working paper determinants of ethical accounting by accountants

O+LaIntermediate Accounting Major AssignmentDeterminants of Ethical Accounting by Accountantsou are required to write a working paper on thee above topic . The concept is that you need to identifythe different determinants of Ethical Accounting in Afghanistan oroutside . The influential factors arethose factors which drive a specific behaviorOther optional topicsAnalyzing the need for Regulation in Financial ReportingAnalyzing the causes of Financial instability among Giant Businesses ?The assignment must be fullyally research based back be literature reviewDo note the assignment will be evaluated onit QualityI’ll Turn tin reportThe structure of the report can take as. Introduction. Background of the conceptProblem Statement. Assignment Objective. Literature Review. Summary table of major researches done of the area ( Literature review backed ). Determinants identified based on reviewAnalysis of determinantsconclusionRecommendat

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