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Dropbox 1:Reaction to Native American Stories

Overview: This assignment will help you reflect on the similarities between Native American beliefs and beliefs of modern religions or value systems in America. Why might some of the similarities exist? What might this suggest about beliefs in general? Consider these questions as you complete this assignment (Course Objectives 1,2,4,5; Section Objectives 1,3).

In addition, we’ll also explore common tropes in Native American Creation stories: The Earth Diver, Emergence, The Trickster, and First Encounter stories

Participation: You may complete this activity alone or in groups of 2-3.

Task: Answer the questions below in 2-3 sentences: about 25 (min)- 50 (max) words per question.

  1. Think back to what you already know about creation stories and Native Americans. Consider: What seems to be the role of a creation story in society? What do you already know about Native Americans or Native American storytelling?
  2. Which story best represents the “Earth Diver” trope? Explain why this story represents this trope.
  3. Which story best represents the “Emergence” structure? Explain why you think it meets this trope.
  4. Cite a passage from one of the “Earth Diver” stories or “Emergence” stories, identify what type of story it is, then describe which social value this passage seeks to reinforce.
  5. Compare or contrast your own system of belief system with one of the values represented in these creation stories.
  6. Copy an image into the document of one of your favorite tricksters from popular culture then describe what makes this character an appropriate trickster for contemporary America: what value does he or she disrupt?
  7. Cite a passage from one of the Native American stories that depicts a character as a trickster then explain how or why you believe this to be true.
  8. Contrast the refrain with one of the passages in the “Thanksgiving Address”; taken together, what values do they suggest the writer held?
  9. What do “The Arrival of the Whites” and “The Coming of the Whiteman Revealed” suggest the Lenape (Delaware) and the Micmac clearly understood about the meaning of the white man’s arrival? What, if anything, about the white man’s arrival, is not understood? How do you know?
  10. Reflect: Create a reflection question.

Incorporate direct quotes for the details. Avoid “dropped in” quotes. See “How to Integrate Quotes” under “How To.” Each aspect you analyze is worth 20% of the grade (4×20%=80%).

At the end of the exercise, post a reflective question. See the “How To” section under content for formulating a good reflective question. The entire assignment should be no less than 300 words.

Example of analysis for question four and five and 10 (reflection question)

4. The Iroqui write, “ Before the earth was created, humans and animals “of the kind that are around us now” did not exist.” This demonstrates that the Iroquois did not believe there have always been humans and animals. Instead, it shows that they, like most cultures, believe in a form of creation, a starting point for life as we know it.

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