Moral Reasoning and Codes of Ethics. PowerPoint and Word

I’m working on a Engineering exercise and need support.


The presentation : I need 20 slides on PowerPoint from this book “Introduction To Engineering Ethics Second Edition” just about the chapter 2 ( introduction, research questions, methods , result , discussion , conclusion) and for presentation i need speaker’s note for every slide on Word document.

Chapter 2:

2 Moral Reasoning and Codes of Ethics 27

2.1 Moral Choices and Ethical Dilemmas 27

Designing Aluminum Cans 27

Steps in Resolving Ethical Dilemmas 30

Right-Wrong or Better-Worse? 34

Moral Decision Making as Design 37

Discussion Questions 38

2.2 Codes of Ethics 40

Importance of Codes 40

Abuse of Codes 41

Limitations of Codes 42

Ethical Relativism 44

Justification of Codes 46

Discussion Questions 47

Thank you

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