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  • Ropes, Chains, & Slings

  • Discussion Board

    DB7: Current Event – Crane Incident

    Discuss a recent crane incident, this can be a firsthand event or a current event you find in the news or on a safety magazine website:

    • Identify who was involved (you do not have to name names);
    • Identify the hazardous condition or hazardous act that resulted in an accident;
    • Identify the injury that resulted due to the accident; and
    • Discuss the needed training or lack of training that presented in the incident.

    Make at least two response posts to other learners in the class. After reading their incident description, discuss control measures that could have prevented the incidents.

  • Assignment

    6A1: Ropes, Chains, & Slings

    Research OSHA Regulations for Ropes, Chains & Slings.Ensure your search includes these different industries – 1910, 1915, and 1926.Create an informational summary that could be presented in a 10-minute toolbox talk on, and identify the following information :

    • training requirements for the use of ropes, chains, and slings
    • inspection requirements for the use of ropes, chains, and slings

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