Marketing Questions

I’m working on a Marketing exercise and need support.

12 point – single spaced – 1 page… proper paragraphs (not just few words paragraphs). Please type your section as well.

Skill set:

Research abilities

Analytical skills

Writing skills

Creative thinking


In a paragraph format, answer all components of the following questions:

Please note: do not just list arguments, you have to explain them.

  • Is your major or future dream job related to marketing? ( My major is management) If yes, explain how your major or future dream job could be related to marketing?
  • How could your marketing knowledge benefit your major? If not, explain the reason why you think it is not related or would not benefit you. – Justification is important. A good answer relates the definition of marketing and what it is with what you will be doing in the future 12 points
  • Is marketing bad? Why? Even if you don’t agree it is bad, explain some the arguments (at least three) that some people might have against marketing. 9 points
  • Is marketing beneficial? Why? Provide at least three arguments why marketing is important or beneficial. Think, if you are to convince a CEO to invest in marketing what would be your reasoning?

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