lp3 grades

LP3 Assignment: Grades

For this assignment, you will create a weighted scoring model to determine grades for a course based on the following information:

Final grades are based on –

three exams worth 20%, 15%, and 25%, respectively

homework is worth 15%

a group project is worth 25%

Enter scores for three students –

Assume Student 1 earns 100% (or 100) on every item.

Assume Student 2 earns 70% on each of the exams, 80% on the homework, and 95% on the group project.

Assume Student 3 earns 90% on Exam 1, 80% on Exam 2, 75% on Exam 3, 80% on the homework, and 70% on the group project.

You can use the weighted scoring model template wtd_decision_matrix.xlsx provided on the companion website for this text, create your own spreadsheet, or make the matrix by hand.

Submit the spreadsheet and bar charts with the results. You will also need to write a one-page paper describing this weighted scoring model and what the results show.

Save your file(s) using the following name convention: “LP3_FirstName_LastName” for example, “LP3_John_Doe.”

Submit ALL required files to your instructor via the dropbox “LP3 Assignment: Grades.” This assignment is worth 45 points; grading will be based on the LP3 Scoring Guide.

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