Literature Review SLP 5 Social Media

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SLP5 – Submit your final Ch. 2.

Also submit a short paper with one or two paragraphs regarding your changes you made to Ch. 2 – summarize the changes and how you think it made this chapter better.

I have a chapter 2 done, however according to the Professor I need to revise it and make adjustments. I have 4 modules I need to do. I have uploaded the paper that he wants me to work on.

SLP2 – review Ch. 2, paragraph by paragraph, and make notes that indicate: 1) what kind of information is in the paragraph (source, reference, etc.), 2)what is the main point of the paragraph, and 3) how does it support your Project, how does this paragraph relate to your Project and in what way does it help you.

SLP4 – Review the paper you submitted in SLP3, and make a final edit using Track Changes

SLP5 – Submit your final Ch. 2.

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