Leading On Your First Day

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One of the biggest challenges for new managers is leading on the first day. Nerves are often short, but managers have to be able to overcome those feelings to project an aura of confidence that will encourage others to follow them.

This journal assignment is designed to reflect your skills in being able to take this premise and showcase what you believe to be the most important elements into a brief assignment. This exploration will be the first step into the world of evaluating effective communication and leadership strategies for a company, which is a key component of the final project.

Compose an assignment that shares the challenges people have when becoming managers, as discussed in Being the Boss from the module resources. You may also draw upon your own experiences as both a leader and follower in this environment. Share some ways that a new manager might impact the system in place, as discussed in the Almaney readings.



Textbook: Business Communication: Developing Leaders for a Networked World, Chapter 1
Before you can lead, you first have to establish credibility. How can you get it?

Video: Jerry Kramer Talks About the Greatness of Vince Lombardi (1:57)
This video provides an overview of the coaching philosophies of NFL Hall of Fame coach, Vince Lombardi.

Library Article: The Leader’s Playbook; Take a Page—No, Several Pages—From This Guide to Transforming Your Team
This article further defines Lombardi’s strategies by providing a peek into his playbook.

eBook: Being the Boss by Linda Hill (Introduction)
Credibility can be a challenge for a person who is promoted and now in charge of directing his or her former peers.

Library Article: Communication and the Systems Theory of Organization
This article provides a foundation for effective organizational leadership as it explores systems theory. You will also learn the impact of communications on the process.


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