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1. When did the colony of Virginia codify formal laws regulating slavery and why? What were the key differences then in how Africans experienced slavery prior to this date and afterward? Using the documents in the section “Virginia Slavery Laws,” identify what’s different with regard to how slavery was understood in 1630, 1662, 1667, 1668, and 1669.

2. Using the chapter written by historian Sydney Mintz, explain how slavery came to the Americas. With which country/empire did it originate, for what reasons, which countries/empires followed? The English, Mintz says, came to slavery later and within a different economic context. What was the “mercantilist viewpoint embodied in the sugar trade crushed by” and what were the consequences for planters? for merchants?

3. Slavery AFTER the American Revolution, now a U.S. (not British) institution. Using the long chapter in Slavery’s Capitalism, describe the slave system Charles Ball lived under. How was it different from colonial versions of slavery?

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