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Keno is a lottery-like or bingo-like game. Using a Keno play slip, the player chooses how many numbers (spots) they want to play (1-10). The player then chooses the numbers they would like to play (from 1 to 80) or they may opt to choose QUIK PIK. The QUIK PIK option allows the player to opt to let the computer randomly select the numbers to play. The player indicates the dollar amount they wish to play per draw. One may play $1, $2, or $3 per draw. Finally, the player indicates how many consecutive draws they want to play. One may play a play slip 1 – 5, 10 or 20 times. An example play slip from the Georgia Lottery is shown below.

Every 4 minutes, the Keno monitor displays 20 randomly selected numbers in the range of 1 through 80.

Depending on how many spots was chosen and how many numbers were matched determines the winnings per $1 played. Payout charts for 1-5 spots are shown below.

Table 1- 5 Spot Game

Numbers Matched Winnings Per $1


5 $400

4 $17

3 $2

Table 2- 4 Spot Game

Numbers Matched Winnings Per $1


4 $70

3 $5

2 $1

Table 3- 3 Spot Game

Numbers Matched Winnings Per $1


3 $25

2 $2

Table 4- 2 Spot Game

Numbers Matched Winnings Per $1


2 $10

Table 5- 1 Spot Game

Numbers Matched Winnings Per $1


1 $2

Keno does have ten spots, but for our purposes we will only consider 5 spots.

1. Begin by determining what objects need to be modeled for the game of Keno.

Return to the problem description and pick out the nouns as they are good

starting point for determining the objects needed. Keep in mind that not all nouns

identified will be a candidate object. List the objects.

2. Using the objects identified above, consider the attributes and behaviors of each


3. Create a UML class diagram for each object. You can use Word to create your

diagrams. See Section 10-1a in the module reading for an example of an UML

class diagram.

To Hand In:

Upload a Word document containing the UML class diagrams created in #3 above to

the drop box.

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