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Evaluate three ways in which the mobile industry has changed how news is delivered and consumed by audiences—including yourself. Use the module resources and other reliable sources to support your claims.

Overview: Approach these activities as (a) an opportunity to reflect upon and apply what you learn each week based on the assigned readings, discussions, and activities, and (b) an opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise based on your educational and professional experiences in the past. As a successful professional, you will need good reflective and writing skills. Journal activities offer you the opportunity to further develop these skills.

Guidelines for Submission: Submit at least 1 to 2 paragraphs in a Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins.



Textbook: Practicing Convergence Journalism
Preface and Chapters 1–3

Article: Tapping Technology to Advance the Future of Journalism
Read this article that explains how New York Times journalists are tapping into digital initiatives.

Video: Chasing Carbon (3:14)
Watch the Vimeo video at the bottom of the screen to see how this award-winning reporter used technology in support of investigative reporting.

Article: Separate & Unequal
Click this link and continue to scroll down on the page to see how investigative reporter Matt Clark of Newsday used technology to support his 18-month investigative report into Nassau’s tax bills and unequal assessment practices. Click the link at the bottom of the page to view the associated article.

Article: The Waypoint
Click the link to watch this 2016 award-winning multimedia presentation from the Washington Post. The presentation narrates the journey of asylum-seeking refugees to the shores of Europe. Plug in your headphones and turn up the sound to hear the audio and bring the investigative story to life.

Website: Pew Research Center: State of the News Media
This website lists all eight of the Pew’s associated State of the News Media reports as individual linked fact sheets. The fact sheets were formerly housed in one PDF document.

Article: Use of Mobile Devices for News Continues to Grow, Outpacing Desktops and Laptops
This article describes how more consumers are using mobile devices over desktop or laptop computers to access news.

Optional Resources:

Article: Mobile Reporting and Journalism for Media Trends, News Transmission and Its Authenticity
Review this scholarly research article that discusses new technologies and trends in support of digital journalism and mobile reporting.


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