In the upcoming 2020 national election, what are some of the important issues you would like to see addressed by the candidates ?

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Of 16 issues presented in a recent Gallup poll, at least 30% of U.S. adults rate five as being “extremely important” to their vote for president in 2020: healthcare, national security, gun policy, education and the economy. As expected with a Republican president in office, Democrats assign higher importance than Republicans to most of the issues tested, repeating a pattern seen for the opposition party (the party opposite the sitting president) in every election since 2004.

About one in three Americans say healthcare (35%), terrorism/national security (34%), gun policy (34%) and education (33%) will be extremely important to their vote. Thirty percent say this about the economy, the lowest Gallup has measured for that issue in an election year since 2000, another strong economic year.

Importance of Issues to U.S. Adults’ Votes in 2020 Presidential Election
Now I am going to read a list of some of the issues that will probably be discussed in next year’s presidential election campaign. As I read each one, please tell me how important the candidates’ positions on that issue will be in influencing your vote for president — extremely important, very important, somewhat important or not important.
Extremely important Extremely important + Very important
% %
Healthcare 35 81
Terrorism and national security 34 80
Gun policy 34 74
Education 33 83
The economy 30 84
Immigration 28 74
Climate change 26 55
Abortion 25 64
The distribution of income and wealth in the U.S. 25 58
The federal budget deficit 23 72
Taxes 23 69
Race relations 23 66
The nation’s infrastructure 22 74
Foreign affairs 21 64
Trade with other nations 18 68
Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights 11 38
Ranked by percentage “extremely important”
GALLUP, DEC. 2-15, 2019

These results are based on a Dec. 2-15 Gallup poll, prior to recent events in Iran that may increase the importance of terrorism/national security and foreign affairs as issues in the 2020 election.

While trade, infrastructure and foreign affairs all rank near the bottom of the list on extreme importance, three-quarters of Americans (74%) say that infrastructure is at least “very important” to their vote, while 64% and 68% of respondents say the same about foreign affairs and trade, respectively.

Large Partisan Divides on the Importance of Many Issues

Democrats and Republicans are separated by more than 10 percentage points in nine of the 16 issues polled, and four issues divide them by more than 20 points. In each of those cases, Democrats are more likely than Republicans to say those issues are extremely important to their vote. The largest party gaps on issues regarded as more important by Republicans than Democrats are five points, on abortion and terrorism/national security.

Partisan Divide in the Most Important Electoral Issues
Ranked by percentage difference between Democratic and Republican “extremely important” responses
Democrat Independent Republican Democratic minus Republican difference
% % % pct. pts.
Climate change 44 27 8 +36 D
Healthcare 49 36 22 +27 D
Distribution of income and wealth in U.S. 37 25 12 +25 D
Race relations 33 24 11 +22 D
Education 43 33 23 +20 D
Gun policy 46 31 26 +20 D
Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights 18 11 5 +13 D
Foreign affairs 27 23 15 +12 D
The nation’s infrastructure 28 22 17 +11 D
Trade with other nations 21 19 15 +6 D
Taxes 24 23 21 +3 D
The economy 30 29 30 0
The federal budget deficit 22 26 23 +1 R
Immigration 28 26 30 +2 R
Terrorism and national security 33 33 38 +5 R
Abortion 23 25 28 +5 R
GALLUP, DEC. 2-15, 2019

Healthcare’s high level of importance (35% among all Americans) can be attributed to about half of Democrats and more than a third of independents ascribing it as extremely important, making it the most important issue for both groups.

Gun policy (34%) and education (33%) are similarly driven into Americans’ five most important issues as a result of 20-point Democratic margins. Those issues also rank highly among independents.

Terrorism/national security and the economy — at 34% and 30% among U.S. adults, respectively — are the two most influential issues for Republican voters. They are less polarizing than Democrats’ two most important issues, given that Democrats also rate these fairly high on importance. Thirty-eight percent of Republicans rate national security as extremely important to them in the 2020 election, as do 33% of both Democrats and independents. Republicans (30%), Democrats (30%) and independents (29%) are all in alignment as to how influential the economy will be to their vote.

In the upcoming 2020 national election, what are some of the important issues you would like to see addressed by the candidates ? Why are these issues important to you ?

Please write personal opinions/ responses. Answer all parts of the topic question.

Do not use term papers or research papers. It must be opinion-based.


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