“””Imagine you work for the first of these companies (Fantastic Holdings Limit(http://www.aspecthuntley.com.au.ezproxy.scu.edu.au/af/company/mainview?…

“””Imagine you work for the first of these companies (Fantastic Holdings Limit(http://www.aspecthuntley.com.au.ezproxy.scu.edu.au/af/company/mainview?ASXCode=FAN). The second is one of your company’s competitors(Nick Scali Limited). Task 2: Risk and Return (15 marks) Your Aunty Jane has some savings she wants to invest in shares. She has asked for your advice because she knows you are doing a finance unit in your university degree. Aunty thinks you are brilliant and so wants to invest all her savings in shares of the company your work for (that is, the one assigned to your for this assignment). Your Aunty is risk averse and from your study you know that investing in only one asset is risky. You decide you need to explain this to Aunty. You approach this task as follows. 2.Calculate the monthly returns on the S&P/ASX 200 index during the same period.

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