Identifying Waste

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NOTE: This is a Two (2) Part Assignment. You will submit: A Power Point Presentation and an Executive Summary. If you miss submitting one or the other part late assignment point deduction will apply.

Think about the clinical environment where you work or one in which you previously worked.

Identify opportunities for waste reduction. Consider the following:

  • Setting: administrative, operational, clinical
  • Efficiency
  • Value to patient

Suggest process changes to improve the situation.

A. Write a 175-word communication to frontline staff and nurse leaders explaining your findings.

  • Format your 175-word communication work, using UOPX approved Executive Summary Format provided to you by the University. There is no other format accepted for this assignment, this week.

B. Develop a 7- to 10-slide presentation for your department.

Include detailed speaker notes that are cited. Note: The title slide and the reference slide(s) do not count. Title slide and references are formatted per APA format requirements to include double spacing, hang indent

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