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What is a lingua franca?

Question 1 options:

a common language

a dead language

a language similar to English

a secondary language

According to ancient cave paintings, North Africa was once vast desert spotted with watering holes.

Question 2 options:

Which of the following is one of the issues causing Africans to move to urban areas?

Question 3 options:

decreasing food supplies

decreasing populations

increasing family size

increasing infrastructure

Rivers that plunge over escarpments create large waterfalls known as rifts.

Question 5 options:

Which is NOT an example of how East Africans use the many lakes in the region?

Question 6 options:

to provide ports to the ocean

to provide transportation

to make hydroelectric power

to support agriculture

The Ahaggar is the mountainous plateau region in the north-central Sahara.

Question 7 options:

Who does most of the farm work in rural communities in East Africa?

Question 9 options:



migrant workers


The majority of people in East Africa are either

Question 10 options:

Animist or Christian.

Muslim or Animist.

Christian or Muslim.

Christian or Orthodox.

The indigenous people of North Africa before the Arab invasions are known as the

Question 11 options:





Why is English the official language in Nigeria?

Question 12 options:

because Great Britain still governs Nigeria

because Yoruba is too difficult for young children to learn

because English is easier to read and write than many African languages

because of the influence of colonial rule

Which of the following was a result of the Arab invasions of North Africa?

Question 13 options:

A coup overthrew the monarchy.

The Arab Spring movement began.

Colonial powers drew geometric boundaries.

Islam spread.

Which of the following is a major agricultural export of East Africa?

Question 14 options:

sugar cane




What are griots?

Question 15 options:

oral storytellers, singers, and musicians

expert weavers of kente

Western musicians, actors, and playwrights

women in professions outside the home

The plateaus of East Africa are surrounded by steep cliffs, or escarpments.

Question 16 options:

As a result of conflict over who would rule North Africa in the 1800s, European colonial powers drew

Question 17 options:

territorial lines based on natural features.

borders in hieroglyphics.

governance contracts.

geometric boundaries.

Which of the following is a major reason why so many different ethnic groups live in East Africa?

Question 18 options:

Indigenous peoples were scattered due to conflict.

People have been living in East Africa longer than any other place on Earth.

Europeans colonized East Africa in the 1800s.

East Africa’s location led to trade and interaction between cultures.

Africa’s longest mountain range was the result of the interaction of the Eurasian and Anatolian plates.

Question 19 options:

Which of the following strengthened colonial rule in Africa?

Question 20 options:

infighting within kingdoms

practice of the Islamic faith

the respect for African ethnic boundaries

tension between African peoples

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