I need a case study approach done on my topic

Can you help me understand this Writing question?

Please review/research what a case study approach entails before embarking on this question first. The topic is:

The impact non-profit organizations have on the homeless community specifically women with children and the ways they can prepare them for the future.

DO NOT DEVIATE FROM THE TOPIC. Follow this topic precisely. Complete each item below!

1. I want a study done on 20 people including, interviews, analytical techniques, data collection and a survey.

2. The case study will involve social workers, CEO/COO of about 5 different shelters, behavioral health counselors, Vocational Specialist, Substance Abuse Counselors, and Housing Providers (transitional homes/landlords).

3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this case study?

4. I want a colorful chart and graph showing the results of the case study.

5. This should be at the least 10 pages.

I have uploaded my proposal for this topic for assistance in doing this assignment –ONLY assistance.

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