Hugo Boss AG, the embattled German fashion label, said it would fight discounting in the U. and close stores in China to protect profitability amid…

According to the article ( look the attachment), write an analysis of CSRS about the Hogo Boss company . Note: must use the ACAR structure, which means first you should write the argument ,then you need to write the counter-argument and last you should write the rebuttals to support your first argument ( You can look attachment :the model of ACAR). And please use some relevant reaserch source to make it more academic!  250 words. 

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Running head: HUGO BOSS COMPANY HUGO BOSS COMPANYStudent nameCollege nameMarch 14, 2016 1 Running head 2 ArgumentHUGO BOSS is one of the best clothing companies of that time. The Sustainability…

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