How immigrants in California influence local burglary rate?

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Please use accurate MLA format, it is very important for this essay.

Assignment Sheet: Essay 1, 4-6 pages plus a Works Cited page (MLA format)


Write an essay in which you investigate the subject immigration and its effect on different aspects of American life. You may want to focus on just positive or negative effect, or you may want to do a comparative analysis. Drawing on the course readings and outside research, support a thesis that makes a claim about the effects of immigration on one or two aspect of American life.


  • Provide your readers with sufficient background information to introduce the topic and show how immigration influences one or two aspects of American life, while touching on what some of the causes and related factors are.
  • Develop a supportable thesis which makes a claim about either positive or negative effects of immigration on American life (narrow focus).
  • Use well-chosen examples and facts to support your thesis. Employ a minimum of three sources to do this. At least one source must be from the class readings and at least one source must be an outside source that is relevant and credible.
  • Organize your examples and facts into logical paragraphs. Each paragraph should provide support for your thesis, including at least one quote, which you properly introduce and apply to your claim.
  • Create a Works Cited page and format your paper according to MLA standards.
  • Keep in mind that you are writing for a general academic audience that has little knowledge of this national issue.

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