How else is the process being sped up for Covid-19?

1. The World Health Organization (WHO) lists myths about the Covid-19 virus at . Select 3 of your favorite myths from the website and state in 2-3 sentences (for each) why it is not true. 2. We learned in Section 15.6 that it can take 12-15 years for a drug to go from in-vitro studies to clinical trials. Nevertheless, we are hearing about vaccines entering into human clinical trials.

Read the article at and answer these questions. a. How long does it typically take a vaccine to be developed? b. Of course, safety is a priority. Give an example when a vaccine was distributed too early. c. Because Covid-19 is related to both SARS and MERS, scientists are using past vaccine research on these viruses to help them develop a vaccine for Covid-19. How else is the process being sped up for Covid-19? Give one example from the CNN article. d. How many candidate vaccines are there worldwide according to WHO? Are you surprised at the number? How many of these candidate vaccines are in human trials? e. Moderna’s vaccine has entered Phase 1 trial. How many subjects were in this trial? What did they test during this trial? f. Do you think that pharmaceutical companies should sell the vaccine at cost and not profit from the sale? Give support for your answer. g. The article states that there is no guarantee that any vaccine being developed will actually work. In fact, I read that only about 6% of vaccines go from clinical trials to market. What do you think should be done if a vaccine isn’t successfully developed? For example, should be return to sheltering at home?


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