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First discuss the challenges of taking over an inefficient hotel with limited facilities, no Quick Check In/Out, no Conference/Function Rms, no Leisure Club (150 words)

Secondly please discuss the importance and impact of ADR, REVPAR and Occupancy percentage. Analyze your hotel’s F&B performance. Finally, provide an analysis of how ADR, RevPar and Occupancy% performance indicators affect your hotel’s operation and how it impacts management’s decisions. Do the same analysis for key F&B performance indicators, including prices, costs and profits. (500 words)

Thirdly,If you are a hotel manager, what is it that helps you make the (100 words)

1.Revenue Management

2.Menu/Banquet Pricing

Last (70 words)

What percentage of revenues and profits are typically generated from a full-service hotel in Rooms and F&B in North America?Are these ratios about the same in other parts of the world? If not, what are some examples of the differences by region and why do your think this is the case?For this, please use web sources and reference at least 2 sources.DO NOT FORGET THE REFERENCE, LEASTE 2 REFERENCE

I have attached the ADR, REVPAR and Occupancy percentage and F&B volume of the hotel for the past eight months. Be sure to write the assignment based on the above data

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