Homework 1

I’m working on a Statistics exercise and need support.

Only Excel should be used along with its functions for HW problems. Only Excel files are allowed as your HW reports:
Please do read all the instructions on the HW.

1) Solve all the problems. Problems 1-6 carry 10 points each. Problems 7-8 carry 20 points each. Maximum score possible for this Homework is 100 points.

2) Please download an Excel file “QMB3200–Homework#1Data.xlsx” to find data for problems 7-8, use the data to solve the problems and answer the questions.

3) You can download the above file; rename it to show your Full Name and the HW Number. Add additional tabs solve the problems and submit it. Organize your solutions on the Excel worksheet properly. Solve each problem on a separate tab. Show where your answers are for each problem and the sections of the problem. Use proper formatting. Upload your report file on Canvas and verify if everything is fine by opening up the uploaded file. It is your responsibility to ensure your report is uploaded properly.

4) Do not wait until the last minute. The deadline is strictly enforced by Canvas. No hardcopy submissions are accepted. No e-mail submissions are accepted. If your file does not appear on Canvas by the deadline, zero points will be recorded for you for that HW. No exceptions are entertained for any reason under any circumstance in this regard.

Why do you need to write our answers on a complete new word document or hand write it? There is no need for it.

You will submit only an Excel file. It is not about writing/typing the answers. You would solve the problems in the Excel file, each problem on a separate tab/sheet. You will use Excel functions as you solve the problems and find answers. Any statements, comments, and explanations you have to provide, you can type them into Excel there itself.

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